No Space For Justice

How do you solve an eight-hundred-year-old murder on a strange, alien planet that has no police, no courts, and no crime?

Well, of course, you kidnap Earth’s best homicide detective and take him to your world. That’s exactly what happened to Atlanta Police Detective Brian Douglas.

A man with a tortured soul who once sought answers to his own unrequited questions at the bottom of a bottle. Now he is searching for a brutal killer on a world of telepathic beings, mythical creatures, fantastic ships, and bizarre weapons.

Brian soon finds himself being hunted as a criminal by the planet’s ruthless High Scribe, just for being human, while hiding a secret so terrifying, it could rock the entire universe.

With the fate of two worlds in the balance, the detective must survive an inhospitable world, hostile aliens, a universe of untold dangers, and somehow, find his way home-if it still exists.

*Signed Softcovers are $15.00 USD + $3.99 shipping (domestic USA only) plus tax.

For purchasing multiples of this book (for book clubs, etc), please contact William N. Gilmore for special pricing and shipping.

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