Larry Gillam and Sam Lovett Detective Novels

Blue Bloods & Black Hearts

Atlanta is the home of the Braves, the Falcons, and now, a new strain of drug which is killing even the most hardened of junkies. Two Atlanta Police Detectives, Larry Gillam and his partner, Sam Lovett, are desperately seeking the source of the drug, the people involved, and the reason behind it. They get assistance from a grizzled, no-nonsense Medical Examiner, a heartbroken Homicide Detective with his own dark secrets, a young boy caught up in gangs, death, and hope, and a tech savvy, young girl who has been forced into a no-win ordeal, just to name a few. Their biggest threat however, comes from somewhere they didn’t expect; inside their own department and a renegade army general in charge of an unsanctioned black ops unit.

“Blue Bloods and Black Hearts” peers into both sides of right and wrong, good and evil, the desperate and the hopeful. You’ll love and hate the characters, cheering for the good guys, rebuking the bad, and sometimes, even have a hard time telling which is which.

*Signed Softcovers are $15.00 USD + $3.99 shipping (domestic USA only) plus tax.

Gold Badges & Dark Souls

In this the second book of the new and exciting detective series, featuring Atlanta Police Detectives Larry Gillam and Sam Lovett, they are trying to find the reasons behind the death of a friend, as well as the sudden deaths of hardened drug users in their own city. However, there are those who don’t want them snooping around; including some from within their own department, and a secret black ops unit run by a misdirected general. Things turn upside down and go sideways, as the detectives find there are few to trust while trying to keep a vital witness alive, weed out the corruption, and try to live another day; however, their own lieutenant may have a say in that.

*Signed Softcovers are $15.00 USD + $3.99 shipping (domestic USA only) plus tax.

Blue Knights & White Lies

In this third book of the trilogy, Detective Larry Gillam has returned, but there’s a problem; he has some missing time and he has no idea where he’s been. Connie has been worried, but now, with another woman who has come back into Larry’s life, it’s not jut competition for Larry’s feelings, it’s determination to keep Larry and everyone else alive. Bad guys are coming out of the woodwork and they have a specific agenda; kill the detective. The whole group has to go into hiding; that is, until Lovett is forced into making himself a target. Another malefactor emerges on the scene; a one-man army with a car which acts like a tank. He has never failed to finish what he started. He’s well trained, well equipped, and he won’t be denied. You’ll be holding your breath at times, biting your fingernails at others, laughing, crying, and the whole time, praying they all make it through the ordeal; but will they?

*Signed Softcovers are $15.00 USD + $3.99 shipping (domestic USA only) plus tax.

Atlanta Detective Trilogy BUNDLE

Order the entire trilogy and get a $5.00 discount!

3 books x $15.00 = $45.00

Bundle at $40.00 USD + $3.99 shipping (domestic USA only) plus tax.

For purchasing multiples of each book (for book clubs, etc), please contact William N. Gilmore for special pricing and shipping.

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