Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know I will be having a new novel coming out soon. It’s my breakout science fiction novel. Working title for now is “No Space For Justice”.

It’s about Atlanta Homicide Detective Brian Douglas who is kidnapped by an alien and taken to a strange planet that has no crime to solve an 800 year old murder.

The story is pretty much finished and I’m working on getting the right cover for the book.

Also, I plan on having Book 2 in my historical, paranormal, detective series; “Caution in the Wind: The Treasure Seekers” completed and ready for Christmas 2018.

I’m working hard on my writing plus doing some book signing events.

First blog post

Hi. I’m William N. Gilmore. I’m a U. S. Army, Viet Nam era veteran, serving for nearly seven years as a Military Policeman. I was stationed at Ft. Knox for basic; Ft. Gordon for MP School; Ft. Brag with the 503rd MP Battalion, 108th MP Company; Ft. McPherson with the 525th MP Company; Gelnhousen, Germany with the 3rd Armored Division, 503rd MP Company, Second Platoon; and then back to Ft. McPherson.

After getting out of the Army, I went to work at as an Assistant Security Chief at the Omni International in Downtown Atlanta. In January of 1981, I joined the Atlanta Police Department. My very first assignment as a recruit was to be placed on the Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered Children’s Task Force. The Wayne Williams case.

I patrolled the streets of Southwest Atlanta for about seven years before I was promoted to Detective. I went directly to the Narcotics Squad where I served for fifteen years. After the Narcotics Squad I did a stint with the Auto Theft Unit and then investigated general offenses while at the Zone 6 Precinct until my retirement in December of 2007.

I saw a lot, I did a lot, and I learned a lot.  During my years at the police department, I saw many friends make the ultimate sacrifice, including Detective Sherry Lyons-Williams, the first female killed in the line of duty. We were on a narcotics raid and she was ambushed while trying to clear a house and arrest a person she had purchased drugs from earlier that day. Her partner, T. J. Chambers was wounded as well before he killed the perpetrator. I rode in the ambulance with her as the paramedics attempted to work a miracle on her.

There were a number of other things that occurred during my tenure,  including people that I trusted and admired getting caught up in things that caused them to go to prison. I had planned to get thirty years in, but the job stopped being fun.

So here I am now trying to be a writer. I use some of my knowledge and even some of my experiences to write a good entertaining story for you. I have to say though, that my police novels are a work of fiction (wink-wink).  I hope you enjoy them. I also write poetry with a book I am hoping to re-release soon, “Saints, Sinners, Lovers and Others” which will be revamped and new poems added.

But Detective novels are not all I write. I have a number of science fiction, poems, and other stories that I am working on and hope to have some of them finished before long.

Thanks, and I would love some feedback, comments, ideas, shout-outs and encouragement.